How to Install

Fastest way: If you see "Install Now" button on the left side under "Web Installer"
Click on "Install Now" to install.

A little slower way: There are specific installers for every operation system. Download installer Depending on which operation system you are using it will require to download different installers:

Windows Platform

If you are using Windows 8.1/7/XP/2000 you can download Pomodorium.exe Installer
. Download and double click on downloaded Pomodorium.exe file to start installation.
Installation process is simple like for any other application for windows.

Mac OS X

  1. Please download and install Adobe AIR.
  2. Download Pomodorium.air
  3. Double click on downloaded Pomodorium.air to begin installation.


  1. Download and install Adobe AIR 2.6 Runtime for Linux.
  2. Check out installation guide
  3. Download and run Pomodorium.air file installer.

Upgrading to new version

    Please follow us on twitter to get updates about new versions.

  • Upgrading to new version is the same as installation process described above.

  • After installing new version of POmodorium your existing user profile will be saved.So you will be able to continue game from the point you ended before installation.

Don't hesitate to contact us in case of any installation or application issues.

Please feel free to leave comment to this page
contact us directly at if you have any installation application running problems.
We would be glad to help.


  1. How can you start a new character or reset the game?

    1. This was added to latest version.
      1.Download and install latest version from this site.
      2.Click on Help menu and select 'New Game'
      that's it

  2. Aptoide installer app does not require the users to go through any compulsory registration process like in the case of Google Play Store
    aptoide installer

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  4. I just had to re-install Windows and will have to purchase a new license. It's a little frustrating to start anew.

    Will there be a feature in the future where a game/character can be synced across devices?

    1. Sorry no synchronization in nearest future.Please email at podorium[at] and you'll be provided with licenses for all devices so you can play on all of them :)