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new pomodoro timer gamification

here is video on pomodoro technique timer with rpg like game: and more:
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Pomodoro technique RPG style

How to turn your work into literal game. Pomodoro technique basics Pomodoro technique based on repeating cycles - 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes of rest . The reasons for this amount of minutes is that 25 minutes is long enough for to maintaining high focus - if work cycle will be shorter we will not be able to progress on the task if work cycle will be longer we will be tired quickly.Riding these waves of work and rest we will be able to complete amount of work that might be too difficult if work during one period of time. This time management technique called Pomodorotechnique , you can read more at Pomodoro technique website or in this book. Game idea The idea of Pomodorim is to use rules of Role Playing Game to motivate in Pomodoro technique. Pomodoro clock window After downloading and installing Pomodorim you will see timer window. Press [Go] button and it will starts cycles according to Pomodoro technique rules (first 25 minutes working time last

evernote pomodoro template

Here is how to add pomodoro technique template for Evernote : 1.Download following Pomodoro template.enex  file. 2.In Evernote go to File, Import, Evernote Export files and select downloaded Pomodoro template.enex 3.Now you should have imported template into Imported Notes folder. Right click on it and select "Copy to notebook" The end.

printable pomodoro technique work game

I made this printable pomodoro technique board game. The idea is to color white circle for every poms, until all circles colored  from start to finish. I'm going to make next for two player so I can play with my friend :D. Stay tuned will post it here. Also check out pomodoro technique rpg game I made,

iPad Pomodoro timers

iPad Pomodoro timers The following is a list of Pomodoro timer applications for iPad available in the Apple iTunes app store: Name iTunes link Developer Website Description Concentrate! timer itunes concentrate! link A sleek, general purpose timer that can be also be used for Pomodoro practice Untime itunes link A simple, all-purpose timer without Break capability Egg Timer & Stopwatch egg-timer-stopwatch on itunes An egg timer and stopwatch from a specialty software clock designer Hocus Focus itunes link to hocus-focus vendor website A feature-heavy task management tool/Pomodoro timer. Stoplight Clock itunes stoplight-clock link not available A simple, bright-colored timer without Break functionality Pomodoro technique game for Mac OS X

Gamification part 2: working cycle or gold for work

When we start Pomodorium we see main application screen.This screen is showing timer (25:00) and  main statistic:  poms: - amount of complete work cycles avg/d - average work cycles per day gold (100) - amount of gold Before starting with gamification we should create list of things you are planning to accomplish ( todo-list ). For me it will be to write these awesome posts : 1. write blogpost explaining character options 2. add description of game map and how to move through and what is the gamification goal 3. add more information about battle screen and battle tactics.  Gold is very important in this game and the only way to get gold is to be productive and work on your tasks from to-do list. Now to get gold I will have to select task from my todo list (I will be writing  post about character option screen)  and  click on Go button. Timer starts counting minutes from 25 to 0 and I will be working on my task for 25 minutes. When timer finished countin

Gamification with pomodorium

Motivation is the key, and when there is the lack of motivation nothing else can replace it. And the only way to happy and painless completing something is to gain motivation. Gaining motivation is very individual thing, what works for somebody may not work for somebody else. In most cases motivation problems appears for long term tasks when there is no immediate rewards. And gamification is awesome way to create immediate rewards and gain motivation to do something. Pomodorium is personal gamification application designed to gamify work, education, workout or any other activity. Currently pomodorium can be installed on personal computer running Windows/Mac OS/Linux. Here is link on Installation instruction page : Application based on time boxing principle - when working time is being separated into separated time periods . So whole rest process could be shown as 25 minutes work, 5 minutes rest , 25 minutes works , 5 minutes rest and so on. Working periods requires maximu