new pomodoro timer gamification

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Pomodoro technique RPG style

How to turn your work into literal game.

Pomodoro technique basics

Pomodoro technique based on repeating cycles - 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes of rest.
The reasons for this amount of minutes is that 25 minutes is long enough for to maintaining high focus - if work cycle will be shorter we will not be able to progress on the task if work cycle will be longer we will be tired quickly.Riding these waves of work and rest we will be able to complete amount of work that might be too difficult if work during one period of time.
This time management technique called Pomodorotechnique, you can read more at Pomodoro technique website or in this book.

Game idea

The idea of Pomodorim is to use rules of Role Playing Game to motivate in Pomodoro technique.

Pomodoro clock window

After downloading and installing Pomodorim you will see timer window.
Press [Go] button and it will starts cycles according to Pomodoro technique rules (first 25 minutes working time lasts then 5-minutes break),
than you will automatically enter next working cycle.
Pomodoro technique timer window
In addition to the timer on screen you can see parameters of game character:

  • Health - amount of damage character can take
  • ExpToLevelUp - experience needed for upgrade to next level
  • Current level - current level of the character
  • Cities Free - amount of cities saved from monsters.
Below timer is productivity line:
  • poms - amount of pomodori completed
  • avg/d -average of pomodori per day
  • gold - amount of gold coins earned

Game is easy to play

Pomodorium is build with productivity in mind - to play this game you have to be productive.
When you complete 25 minute pomodori in pomodoro technique you will get 25 'gold'.By Making real work you will accumulate gold in this game, and these coins will allow to strengthen your virtual character.
Click on bottom left Menu button to open main menu, that has following items:
[My character] - opens character screen:
character screen
On that screen you can change character picture and manage character equipment.

  • [Character inventory] items that character has and can use.
  • [Shop inventory] contains items that can be bought.
My character has two daggers I can start the journey.


Player starts from left corner city and go through the map and free all cities from monsters.
But you have to destroy all monsters in current city to move to another one.

On the right side of the screen there list of monsters we can attack.
Click on the Hunt to open battle screen.


On the battle screen we can see player and monsters data.
Click on Attack button to start. You can escape by clicking on Retreat button.
Also you can use special "*" items you can bring to the battle.
After defeating monster we can "experience" for upgrading character.

But to defeat stronger monster you have to be more productive and earn more gold.
After completing 4,8,12,16 pomodori player gets additional gold bonus.

Installing the pomodoro technique game