List of Pomodoro Technique software

Pomodoro Technique software offers multiple ways to use this time-management approach in different devices. Some applications will run as applications based on web services, while others are native applications for desktop and mobile operative systems.
Since the pomodoro technique is based on time-boxing, it's required to have a timer (usually calculating 25/5 minutes intervals).


A range of software provide timers that differently implement the Pomodoro Technique for computer-based work or work where a computer or smartphone is at hand. Below is an incomplete list featuring some of these timers:
Website Platform Description
Pomodorium Win/Osx/Linux Timer with Role playing game based on pomodoro technique.
30-30 iOS Task-based time application that can do Pomodori and much more.
Eggscellent OS X / iOS Exclusively for OS X/iOS, integrates with reminders.
Everfocus iOS Pomodoro Technique app with flexible focus and break times and different color themes. For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
Flowkeeper Win/Linux/OS X Written in Java, customizable.
FocusBooster Win/OS X/Online Customizable timer, built in Adobe AIR.
Grandfather Chrome extension Looks like a kitchen timer. Sounds like a grandfather clock.
KanbanFlow Online Combines the Pomodoro technique with the Kanban method.
myPomodoro Win/Linux/OS X Written in Java. Standalone. Implementation of Pomodoro Technique 1.3. Import/Export feature.
TeamViz Win/Osx Former PomodoroApp , has data-backups and sync features.
POmodoro techniqe Windows7 gadget Windows 7 Neat windows-gadget for Windows 7 operation system.
Matomato Online Cute animated pomodoro technique timer.
KeepForcused Windows Pomodoro timer with activity log.
Tomato-Timer Online Simple and effective online tomato timer
Pomodoro-Me Online Another online pomodoro technique timer, has desktop notifications.
StopWatch Pomodoro timer Online-Flash Online timer written in flash
Focustimeapp iOS Elegant pomodoro technique timer for iphone
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  1. Just a minor point - the iOs app listed at the top is called 30/30 rather than 30-30 - just for anyone searching manually on their iPhone etc like I just did. Looks useful - thanks!