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When I was a kid my parents sometimes were giving me money bills in exchange of doing something useful ,or they think it was useful :) .And that was very good motivation I must say - and this is the  idea of this game. The idea of  Pomodorium is very simple and silly:
In this game, game character (like in RPG game) will get 25 'gold' after player will work for 25 minutes.
Under work I mean working on one specific task from todo list.

Rules are simple :

step 1: start timer by pressing 'Go' button
step 2: work on tasks you have to complete  until timer buzzes
step 3: take  break until timer buzzes
step 4: go to  step 1
For every completed 'step 2' player gets 25 'gold'.

This game based on  Timeboxing technique.
Like in any other RPG everything revolves around gold, which is earned work cycles you complete. In this game player can use earned gold to buy armors/weapons to character travel through map and hunting monsters.

More detailed instruction:
What is Timeboxing technique ?:
This application is based on timeboxing organizing technique with 25 minutes working cycles.During 25 minutes working cycle you have to work on your task with maximum focus and avoid any possible interruptions.After 25 minutes working cycle there is 5 minutes break cycle, in which you can take a break.

Application has Timeboxing technique timer for counting 'working cycles' and user will get 25 "gold" for every completed working cycle and can use it for RPG-like activities : fighting monsters;
buying items (weapons,shields,armors); traveling through the game map;

How to use application:

a.Start Pomidorium and click on 'Go' button .
Timeboxing technique timer screen

b. proceed with task ( it will start counting from 25 to 0 ).

c.When counting completed from 25 to 0 a 25 "gold" will be added and break cycle will be started.
d.Break cycle lasts for 5 minutes, take a break during this time.
e.When break cycle will be completed, work cycle starts automatically .
f.BONUS GOLD: after completing Working cycles straight application will add bonus gold:
additionally 50 gold for 4 Working cycles straight
additionally 100 gold for 8 Working cycles straight
additionally 250 gold for 12 Working cycles straight
additionally 350 gold for 16 Working cycles straight

Game Intro:

By making working cycles you are getting 'gold coins' and can buy weapons/armors - some of them available for specific level
so you have to gain 'Exps' to achieve required level.
Also when you are leveling up your character will have more 'health', 'strength' and 'accuracy'.

Gaining 'exp':

You can make exp by going to Menu/Map and hunt city monsters.
When you kill all city monsters you will get additional exp for city liberation and you can move to another city.


The bigger monster level the bigger exp you will get after defeating it, but some of them are hard to defeat for your level ,
so it might require to start with low level monsters.

Battle specific:

Consider buying items those can be used during battle before battle such :
Javelin , Harpoon , Knife, Shuriken , Dragon breath, Net , Metal Net
These items are making damage to monster when you are using them in battle.
Also you can have additional healing potion and heal char during battle.

Timeboxing technique timer-game battle screen


  1. Anonymous7:40 AM

    Does the game feature a 20-30 minute break after 4 poms like the original program recommends?

  2. yes. application show message after 4 poms ,gives extra 'gold' and stops timer.
    User may have long break as long as he wants and have to click "Go" button to begin next 4-poms cycle

  3. can I sync the data with two instalations? I run a dual boot: windows and linux, and i have a work computer, would be great to sync the game and poms

  4. No, Unfortunately it's not possible to sync between two games.

  5. How does the game know if you've actually worked on the task set for the required time? Or is this system only for in-game tasks?

    1. Game doesn't know.To use this app I will have to decide to work on specific task for next 25 minutes without interruption first.

    2. Is there any plans to add something for the user to choose between having successfully done a pom or not at the end of each pom. If unsuccessful, you lose 25 gold (maybe less).

  6. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Is the time adjustable? For instance can you set it to 20 minutes rather than 25?

    1. no unfortunately it's not adjustable in current version

  7. I see 25:00 and press GO. but them the countdown of 55:00 starts for me. Am I missing something. Isn't it suppose to start with 25:00.

    1. Hi Arun Kumar, did you download Pomodorium from this site ?
      There are cracked versions of pomodorium on other sites, they aren't working correctly :)

  8. What happens when you die in game? Love the app btw.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Health of the character become 0 and it will be required to buy and use health potion to restore Health.Game progress will remain.