second part of temiboxing and pomodoro technique software list

Here is second part of software list :
Website Platform Description
Node Web Simple timer to keep track of your work
Natural iOS Simple timer with clean interface.
Pomodorium Win/OS X/Linux Gamification Timer with Role-playing game.
Pomodoro iOS Fully configurable timer that lets you customize every aspect of the technique, with a clear and beautiful flat UI.
Pomodoro Web Simple, attractive, and functional design.
Pomodoro7 Web Simple, customizable, tasks management, available as Chrome app
Tadam OS X Exclusively for OS X.
Tomato OS X / iOS Exclusively for OS X/iOS, clean, simple and customizable interface.
cherrytomato Win Timer with advanced mouse and task logging. Lacks the ability to save logs and view past statistics
Chromodoro on Google Code Chrome extension Extension to Google Chrome browser.
flowkeeper Win Written in java, customisable.
focusbooster Win/MacOSX/Online Timer with sleek and unobtrusive design, customizable, built in Adobe AIR.

Gnome Pomodoro Timer

on Launchpad (website)

Unix-like Desktop timer
pomodorotime IOS/iPad A popular Pomodoro Timer for iPad

Third part of the list here

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