Third part of awesome list

here is third part of super software list. There are a lot of nice applications in the list.
Website Platform Description
kanbanflow Online, all platforms Web-based. Combining Pomodoro with Kanban.
koomato Microsoft Outlook 2010 Microsoft Outlook add-in. In version 1.3, only starts and stops pomodoros with customizable times.
orkanizer Online, all platforms Online platform, build with Django framework in Python under Ubuntu.
pomodairo Win/MacOSX/Linux Timer with tasks tracking.
NetBeans Module NetBeans Module This plugin implement The Pomodoro Technique features in Netbeans IDE. Win/MacOSX/Linux Gamification timer with Role-playing game based on pomodoro technique.
pomodoro-indicator Ubuntu Open source application indicator for Ubuntu.
pomodorotimer Win Open source, build with .NET Framework
pomodoro MacOS X Clean interface and Growl integration.
pomodroido Android Most popular Android Pomodoro app.
xoring Win Timer, tracking of estimated, abandoned pomodoros, interruptions, month statistics. Online/Chrome extension Complete web-based
tomighty Win/MacOSX/Linux Open source and written in Java.
Vitamin-R MacOSX Timer with built-in logging and statistics feature.

First part of the list here

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