Gamification part 2: working cycle or gold for work

When we start Pomodorium we see main application screen.This screen is showing timer (25:00) and  main statistic: 
poms: - amount of complete work cycles
avg/d - average work cycles per day
gold (100)- amount of gold

Before starting with gamification we should create list of things you are planning to accomplish (todo-list).
For me it will be to write these awesome posts :
1. write blogpost explaining character options
2. add description of game map and how to move through and what is the gamification goal
3. add more information about battle screen and battle tactics. 

Gold is very important in this game and the only way to get gold is to be productive and work on your tasks from to-do list.
Now to get gold I will have to select task from my todo list (I will be writing  post about character option screen)  and  click on Go button.
Timer starts counting minutes from 25 to 0 and I will be working on my task for 25 minutes.
When timer finished counting I will have a break and 25 'gold' will be added into main screen, now I have 125 gold.
Pomodoro timer and  Character screenAfter completing 25 minutes of work timer will be switched to 5 minutes break, so I can have 5 minutes break and when 5 minutes 
completed it will switch back to working mode and I will continue writing article and will get another 25 gold when completed.

In next post I will add information describing character screen.

How do you like application so far, is that too complex to play with ? 
Do you have any questions ? Please share your experience in comments !!!.

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