Gamification with pomodorium

Motivation is the key, and when there is the lack of motivation nothing else can replace it. And the only way to happy and painless completing something is to gain motivation. Gaining motivation is very individual thing, what works for somebody may not work for somebody else.

In most cases motivation problems appears for long term tasks when there is no immediate rewards. And gamification is awesome way to create immediate rewards and gain motivation to do something.

Pomodorium is personal gamification application designed to gamify work, education, workout or any other activity. Currently pomodorium can be installed on personal computer running Windows/Mac OS/Linux. Here is link on Installation instruction page:

Application based on time boxing principle - when working time is being separated into separated time periods . So whole rest process could be shown as 25 minutes work, 5 minutes rest , 25 minutes works , 5 minutes rest and so on. Working periods requires maximum focusing on task and counts only if whole period of time fully completed. Resting periods allows to take a quick break without switching to another task like checking email of web browsing.

How to get started with Pomodorium.

Questions: Have you tried to gamify work or writing or education before ?
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