motivational game to play at work

Here are 10 reasons why Pomodorium could be used as motivational game to play at work
and why Pomodorium can be good motivational game for students:

1.We were trying to make Pomodorium to add more fun to work, even if it's hard routine.
We were trying to make you feel like you are playing game and have a little more
fun and at the same time be focused on work you are doing and be productive.

2.Switching 25 minutes work cycles and 5 minutes break cycle give a chance to think over
all working process and rethink solutions and task you are working on.

3.Pomodorium encourages you to complete more 'work cycles' , all completed 'work cycles'
are converted into gold player can use in the game.

4.Players can post score results om score board and compete with other Pomdorium users.

5.We think Pomodorium could be used as motivational game in the workplace for employees
because it gives more motivation on work people are working.

6. Pomodorium is based on 'pomodoro technique' - well known and very popular time organizing technique.
This technique proved to be effective for many peoples and have a lot of enthusiasts.

7. Event if you are working on same repeatable routine work Pomodorium gives you variety in gameplay -
you can explore map, build character skills by leveling up character.
Pomodoro map
8. A lot of game time - you can play Pomodorium for weeks . There are about 43 'cities'
with different levels of monsters.Level is increasing when player moving through map.
Game character can be leveled up to 40 levels - each level increasing character's
ability to fight game monsters.
Numerous weapons and armors available in the game.Some items can be used
in battle to fight tough monsters.
pomodoro game screenshot - character view
9.Game is safe for work environment , main window looks like timer with couple
buttons and progress bars and can be minimized into small timer window.
Pomodoro timer window
10.Game is customisable and allows to change monsters and game avatars.
Pomodoro game supports customization



  1. Could I play this from different computers as the same character?

  2. No, unfortunately one character per computer.