pomodoro rpg

Pomodorium is motivational rpg-like game based on pomodoro technique.

We were trying to make pomodorium - podmoro rpg game not only to bring more fun to work,
but to give more motivation and help player to complete more work.

When making pomodro rpg game we were trying to maintain balance between
gameplay and having this game safe for work.

Current version of the game has minimal game-play but like any rpg game has:
  • game character - with vital properties changing for every level.
  • game items - armors , weapons, health potions ,etc.
  • map - character has initial location and can travel from one city to another.
  • turn -based battles
  • character level-ups - After gaining certain amount of experience points character's
    level will be changed and new vital points will be assigned to character.
  • game currency - can be earned by completing 25-minutes working cycles.

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