pomodoro technique review

Here is my short review of pomodoro technique with pros and cons.

Pomodoro technique advantages:
1. Time management technique helps fight procrastination,
you can start working right after starting timer.

2. Increases focus , by complete focusing on task you will be able to complete task faster.

3. Breaks allows you to have a view of tasks you are working on
from different angels. When I take a break and relaxing during breaks
I usually get good ideas how to complete tasks more efficient.

Pomodoro technique disadvantages (only one I found):
Breaks can be a problem for people who likes to work in a 'flow',
so pomodoro technique timer will drag you out of the flow.
To solve this problem just simply ignore breaks and continue working.

Here is link on good pomodoro technique video I would recommend to watch.

And there is a game based on pomodoro technique - when you get gold for pomodori.

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