Pomodoro method

The main goal of pomodoro method or pomodoro technique is to focus and work on one single task for 25 minutes and avoid any possible interruptions.
Narrowed focus and zero interruptions helps to achieve maximum productivity in short period of time.
This method or technique was called "Pomodoro technique" after tomato-shaped kitchen timer (from Italian "Pomodoro" /tomato/).

There are two periods of times those are changing one after another - working and breaks.
Working period of time lasts 25 minutes, short break lasts 5 minutes, long breaks should be taken after completing 4-work periods.

Here is flowchart of pomodoro method (click on image to see bigger picture)

pomodoro method

Pomodoro method is very helpful when you want to avoid distractions stay productive and especially for tasks those required maximum concentration.

Before staring you will need timer and two papers - Task List and Activity Inventory.
First important step is to create Task List.
Usually my first task is planning when I see what I'm going to do during a day, If you are practicing GTD in could be next actions on the project.

Second page Activity Inventory. is used to note urgent things that pop-up during working period.
For example:
when you are working on some task from task list and you have idea about writing email , put "Write email to ... about ..." into Activity Inventory list.
So you will not interrupt your work on the task from task list.

Later when you will have short or long break (depending how many work sessions you have completed) you can work
on urgent things you have in Activity Inventory.

This is basically all about using pomoro method or pomodoro technique.
Please refer to flow chart to handle specific situation.

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  1. This flowchart is super useful! Thanks for sharing.