pomodoro technique flowchart

Thank you everybody for comments and support regarding latest flowchart.
Here is new updated version of pomodoro technique flowchart with interruptions added.

It looks like interruptions are making the whole chart more complicated and overloaded ,
but dealing with interruptions is very important part of pomodoro technique.
So I think it is necessary to have them on flowchart.

Check out pomodoro technique game.
Here is a link to download bigger chart picture.

Pomodoro technique flowchart

Pomodoro technique game


  1. Very Good!!!!!!!!

    Too much Helpful to understand PROMODORO

  2. A great flowchart for mac tool that I've found is Lucidchart. It's great for creating all sorts of diagrams. I recommend checking it out.

  3. thanks again for this chart!

  4. I think you could use a alternative flowchart software for mac like Creately. The most important feature I like about the app is the library of templates and examples which makes the diagramming faster.