pomodoro todo list and planning

Planning is essential in pomdoro technique.
I found very useful to spend first pomodori as planning pomodoro by working on tasks list and planning well defined tasks.
But not only as tasks definitions but as next actions on project.
And the more specific tasks are in todo-list the more productive will be work, for example :
not just

  1. .develop application
  1. Create draft specification of the app: describe basic functionality
  2. Design application screens
  3. Enumerate basic processes
  4. Describe first basic process
  5. etc..
Having more specific tasks in todo-list helps to pickup tasks quickly and start working on it right away.

Practicing this technique gives focus on concrete task but it's also required to maintain focus on whole project.When I stack on some task I usually take couple reconciliation pomdoro to review and update task list and make tasks in todo list as specific as possible.

Here are printed paper task lists:

Original pomdoro paper todo list created by developed by Francesco Cirillo:

Download PDF.

Alternative printable todo lists:

Emergent task planner by David Seah:

Open planner page with instructions and pdf links.

printable whole week planner :

download pdf Version.

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