productivity flow

There is continued period of maximum productivity and maximum involvement in the work which programmers called flow.
Pomodoro technique helps perfectly to get into the flow - when you maximum focused on the task and avoid interruptions it's a matter of time when you get into flow and continue staying in it.

But there is a little problem here : breaks.
When I'm in a flow I don't want to break it an be dragged out by timer.

So I found good solution for this - I just skip break and continue working until next break I'm willing to take.
And Pomodorium timer is nice and quiet so in many cases when I'm maximum involved into work I don't hear it beeping break.
But when flow breaks I hear timer and take nearest break.

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  1. Anonymous3:31 PM

    for me,when i am in "Productivity Streak" and
    the timer is up,i just relax a little bit and
    continue the work but just inside my head ;)