New version of pomodoro technique game

More gold per each pomodoro in new version of the Pomodorium - pomodoro technique based rpg game!

In previous version of the game amount of "gold" earned by player was 25 for every pomodoro. Plus after completing some amount of pomodori user was getting bonus gold:

  • 50 "gold" bonus for 4 pomodori
  • 100 "gold" bonus for 8 pomodori
  • 250 "gold" bonus for 12 pomodori
  • 350 "gold" bonus for 16 pomodori

In new version amount of earned "gold" by player will be 25 + Level.
Where Level is current user's level.
So for the first level it will be 26 gold for every pomodoro, second 27, 15th level 40 gold per pomodoro.Bonus "gold" will be the same as in old version.

New version of Pomodorium released and ready for upgrade.
Download installer and install it over existed version.
You profile will be saved and available after installation of new version.
No additional operations needed after installation.

More detailed installation instruction
Read more about Pomodorium rules

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