pomodoro technique excel template

Here is pomodoro technique excell template:
I took base todo list from official website and added couple additional columns that might help such us:
  • Status - Status of the task : completed,pending,in progress
  • Priority- priority of the task such as : urgent , postponed
  • Estimate - estimated amount of pomodori required to complete tasks
  • Pomodori - amount of pomodori worked on this task
  • Interruptions - amount of interruptions during work on the task
Here are different templates in excel:
Modern Excel Version
Modern Excel Template
Excel 97-2000 Version
Or you can download PDF version here.
Or if you prefer google docs template here is a link :

pomodoro technique google documents spreadsheet template

Pomodoro technique RPG game


  1. check out RPG game based on pomodoro technique

  2. You could also program the Pomodoro Timer directly in Excel. For example: