Pomodoro technique for studying

Pomodoro technique is great for studying,keeps you focused on subject and achieve maximum productivity.
In order to implement this technique you have to do following steps:

Making Plan:

  • Split big amount of information on smallest possible parts and give each a title
  • Download and print todo list from here
    or use excell pomodoro template from here
  • Write titles you defined into todo-list and add estimated amount of time (hours) that will require to study this part

Track your progress:

  • Select first title from the list , start the timer, study this part.
  • Try to stay focused on this particular part of study
  • When timer buzzed take a break add + to part you've been working on.
  • If you had interruption stop timer and add - to part you've been working on.
  • When you complete part, cross it out and move on the list.

Avoid distractions:

here are some tips how to avoid distractions:

  • Study in a quiet environment
  • Turn off cell phone - this was the main source of distractions for me
  • If you have to have to read article from internet consider to print it and read from paper.

Take a break

Pomodoro technique encourage you to take break every 25 minutes, during a break it's
important do something completely different (walk if you have been sitting but avoid falling into daydreaming and asking yourself questions about subject ).

Have fun

Try new game based on pomodoro technique..


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