pomodoro technique howto

How to get started

For quick start with pomodoro technique you need any countdown timer from 25 min to 0:

Pomodoro technique is very simple :
  1. set timer for 25 minutes
  2. work on one task until timer rings (Let's call this period of time Working Period)
  3. set timer on 5 minute
  4. take a break until timer rings (Let's name this period of time Break Period)
  5. goto step 1.

How to deal with interruptions

It's important to keep focus on current task and avoid any interruptions.

But when interruptions happen the could be two types
  1. can wait and can be done later
  2. cannot wait and have to be completed immediately
For type 1 interruptions just make a quick note or add new task into your task list without stopping timer.
If this is type 2 interruption stop timer and start with immediate task.

What to do during a break

Break is important time to get rest.It's required to keep productivity tempo and get recharged for next working period.
The good way to take a break is to do completelly different things.
If you are working on the computer, take walk.

How to deal with big tasks

Good way to deal with big tasks is to split them on small parts.It's also helps to complete big parts in small steps.

Can I skip break

If you are in productive flow and don't want to take a break it's possible to skip break.

Which timer I can use

Any countdown timer capable to count from 25 min to 0 can be used:
  • kitchen mechanical timers
  • electronic timers
  • software timers designed for pomodoro technique

This is not official howto of pomodoro technique, just my notes and best practices based on my experience.


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