how to beat procrastination and laziness with a game

From reddit:
My personal Achilles heel is online flash games. I'm a sucker for the badges and accomplishments and sense of improvement. Needless to say these are empty accomplishments, and the momentary reward I get washes away when the day ends and I didn't really make progress on what I wanted to.
A couple of days ago, I found Pomodorium which ties these two together. You're an RPG character trying to conquer monsters to release cities. Typical RPG stuff, leveling up, gathering gold, the whole nine yards. The kicker is, the only way to earn gold is to complete Pomodoros (I'm sure you've heard of the Pomodoro Technique, but if not, here you go).
At the end of each Pomodoro, you get some gold, and can use your five minute break to fight some monsters. However, they never give you enough gold to be able to take more than a few actions before you run out. The only solution: work more to get more gold! Used it for a day before I ponied up the $20 to get the license.

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