procrastination management techniques

there are a lot of different procrastination management techniques.
Some of them works some doesn't.

There is awesome internet resource
at berkeley university that gives ultimate list of procrastination management strategies.

But in my opinion the best technique is passion.
If you passion about something you are doing in fast, effective with joy and with lighting speed.
But passion is not always what we have, it's hard to get without pain.

So we can go with another value.If something has great value to us it can be done immediately.
But there is another problem with value - we alway looking for immediate reward.
If something has long term benefits , it looses value for us.

Is there way to increase value effectively.?
There is way to set self-rewarding system to increase value and beat procrastination.

But this is all boring stuff. What's about if we are playing game - there is no real value of winning
but we still motivated to do that.

Can we use motivation we have in game to manage procrastination?
Yes we can, we created motivation rpg-like game, and playing this game is equals staying productive.

Checkout the rules, try to install and play game.
Leave feedback , let us know if this works for you.

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