the pomodoro technique flowchart

Here is my attempt to summarize pomodoro technique in one flowchart.
Click on image to open bigger picture.

see updated version with interruptions

Pomodoro technique flowchart scheme

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Pomodoro technique game !


  1. I like this! If you like, you could include an interruption situation.

    - George

  2. Great flowchart. Responding to request for comments if something is missing: I followed the flowchart today as I worked and it checks out. However, you did misspell Pomodoro in the box "Draw Pomodoro near task" :)

  3. Thank you for comments.I updated flowchart and uploaded new version with fixed typo and interruptions :)
    Check this out

  4. I think you should select the task before you start the timer to ensure your using your time actually working rather than debating with yourself on where to start. Just a thought since that's an issue for me.

  5. Hey Stephen, I had similar problem with deciding what should I do first.

    I solved it by spending 1-st pomodori every day on planning and splitting tasks as small as possible and as specific as possible.

    I think you could try to create 1st task as "Planning for today" and spend as many pomodori as you want
    to carefully plan in which order and what you should do.

  6. So is one time through a pomodoro or 4?

  7. This is whole day.

  8. this is great, I'm working on some task now!