pomodoro technique example

Pomodoro technique is simple and effective time management technique that allow to maintain high focus on your current tasks and gain incredible productivity by simple and effective methods.Here is an example of applying such technique:

Part 1:Preparations

  1. First you have to create task list :
    lets say I have three tasks to do:
    • Task #1
    • Task #2
    • Task #3
  2. You will need 25 minutes timer .You may have mechanical or software timer. Or install Pomodorium from this site:

Part 2:Main Principle

Technique based on one simple rule:
You set timer for 25 minutes until timer will buzz , you have to focus only on this small and particular tasks and try to avid any interruptions you may have.

Part 3:Ready - GO !

So here is an example:
  • I set timer on 25 or Click 'Go' button in Pomodorium and work on Task #1 from my list and without interruptions until timer buzzed.
  • It doesn't matter is I finished Task #1 or not I stop working when timer buzzed and have 5 minutes rest.
  • I will work that way until I finish Task #1 than will start on Task #2 and so on.
  • If I will have an interruption and for some reason I stopped working on Task #1 I will stop my timer do emergency task after that will start timer and go back to Task #1.

Part 4:More resources

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